I’m scared. Have I become too cynical? Or am I just tired of a just-feel-good Christianity? Then again, maybe I just want my own kind of just-feel-good Christianity. I don’t know anymore.

I have to say I haven’t enjoyed worship music at Family Worship (fancy name for vespers) for a while now. Is it the worship leaders? Is it my own cynicism about them?

Again, I don’t really know.

Is it the music? Is it the idea permeating our church that we know how things are supposed to be? Or that there is not much to be learned from others? More and more I see how some ministry leaders expect support for their events while neglecting what other people do? We can and should learn from each other. We don't have a monopoly on God and His Spirit.

Pray for me to get rid of any trace of anger that blinds so I can discern God’s will.


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